Hamilton Deane

Hamilton Deane (ca. 1880-1958) was an Irish actor, playwright and director whose stage career spanned forty years and included heading The Deane Theatre Company. Mr. Deane was also the first to adapt Dracula for the stage. His version opened in 1924 in Derby, England, with Mr. Deane assuming the role of Van Helsing. When the production moved to London in 1927, Mr. Deane, as a publicity stunt, hired a nurse to be present at each performance to assist any audience members who reacted badly to the play by fainting or taking ill. Mr. Deane would play Dracula during the play’s twodecade run, and his revamping of Bram Stoker’s title character—the suave gentleman vampire who lives in the popular imagination is actually Mr. Deane’s creation—would remain his lasting legacy.

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