I Am Ali Festival 2017: One Large and Actors Theatre

June 3 - June 3, 2017

Stop by Actors Theatre’s booth at the I Am Ali Festival Kickoff Event and pledge to participate in One Large – a brief interruption in the flow of money to support black-owned businesses in the Louisville community.

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I Am Ali Festival Kickoff

Presented by the Muhammad Ali Center
Saturday, June 3rd
5 – 8:30 p.m.
Louisville Slugger Field | 401 E Main Street

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Actors Theatre is partnering with ifyoureallyloveme to present OneLarge



What is One Large?

One Large is a collaboration about race and money. Fifty people each receive a $10 bill and pledge to spend it at a black-owned business in their community. One Large is designed to create 50 experiences for 50 people. The purpose of the collaboration is to briefly interrupt the flow of money to white-owned businesses.

Black entrepreneurs are twice as likely as white applicants to be rejected for a small business loan. Because there are few black-owned businesses in our cities—particularly in majority-black neighborhoods—money flows out of neighborhoods, mainly to distant white business owners, and does not remain in the community. This phenomenon is known as leakage.*

The point of this initiative is not to change the world or solve any of the problems black entrepreneurs face, but to briefly interrupt a system of economic injustice. One Large creates a slight shift in geography and in our collective community awareness.

We believe this initiative embodies Muhammad Ali’s core principles of Giving and Dedication. We believe strong black-owned businesses are one measure of the health of our city, no matter our race. We are asking patrons to visit a business in Louisville—it could be a business that is new to you, or one you already know—engage in a transaction, and then share their experience with fellow community members.

How do I participate?

Visit the Actors Theatre of Louisville One Large Table at the I Am Ali Festival on June 3rd. If you choose to participate, you will read aloud a pledge to spend your portion of One Large (1/100th of $1,000—a $10 bill) at a black-owned business. You then receive the money in a special envelope with instructions.

After spending the money, complete your participation by filling out a brief form at OneLarge.org with the name of the business, your own racial identity if you choose to identify it, a photo of your purchase, and any thoughts about your experience. We are asking that all participants pledge to spend the money and return the form by the end of the I Am Ali Festival on July 15th.

  1. Take the Pledge.
  2. Spend The Money.
  3. Take a Picture! Tag it with #OneLargeLou
  4. Share it with the Community by letting us know where you spent it at http://www.onelarge.org/tell-us-your-story.html

How do you define a “black-owned” or a “minority-owned” business?

If a business says it is black-owned, then it is. We gathered lists from the Louisville Urban League and from various community members. We most likely have not found every black-owned business in the area, so if we left one off, please spend your money there and let us know.

Can I spend more than $10?

Of course! The $10 pledge money is meant to lead to a business or experience that is new to you. You can engage in a small, everyday transaction or put the money toward a larger purchase. Either way, the act of spending the money may create a new pattern or awareness in your daily life.

What inspired One Large?

One Large was first launched in 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pa., by Cythnia Croot and Joy Katz, co-founders of the anti-racist art collective ifyoureallyloveme. We thank them for their assistance in creating the materials for this amazing initiative and for supporting our staff.

This is awesome! How do I ensure this initiative continues? 

Spend more than $10 at another business on your list! Share your experience not just on the One Large web site but with your friends, family or peers. One Large is crowdfunded, so if you wish to donate a sum of money to the larger pool, we can help redistribute it through this same system.

We would like to extend a huge Thank You to ­­­Republic Bank for sponsoring this initiative.

*For more data, including facts about consumer spending and black business ownership, as well as further information about the project, visit OneLarge.org.

For Accessibility information, call the Box Office at 502-584-1205 or email boxoffice@actorstheatre.org

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