Professional Intern Company

The Actors Theatre Intern Company is a group of emerging professionals entrusted with key positions of responsibility in the theatre.  Over the course of their intensive season-long residencies, they are involved in both short and long-term projects for their respective departments, the Brown-Forman Series, and the Humana Festival of New American Plays.  They hone their skills through direct collaboration with department managers and staff and are the creative and administrative force behind Apprentice/Intern Company projects.  A vital part of this nationally recognized theatre, the Intern Company is the next generation of theatre professionals.

Fees & Applications

Internships are available as full-season or part-season contracts, at the discretion of the department. Interns are selected by application and interview with department managers. It is possible to arrange course credit with the intern’s academic institution.

Actors Theatre does not charge a fee for intern company membership, nor does it provide a stipend. Each candidate must provide for his or her living, housing and transportation expenses. The theatre and its support group, Actors Associates, provide assistance in finding housing and getting acquainted with the Louisville community.

Apply For a Professional Internship

Check Internship Opportunities for Application Contacts to Specific Areas and Additional Materials Required.

Internship descriptions, application procedures and deadlines can be found in Internship Details. Please note that internship deadlines and application materials vary by department. References or letters of recommendation may be sent under separate cover.

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