The Audition Process

Audition Locations

You must have completed a four-year degree by the start date of the season for which you are auditioning. This does not necessarily have to be a BFA or even a major in theatre.  An exception may be made if you will receive internship credit for your time at Actors as the final requirement for graduation.  Depending on where you audition, the audition process will be slightly different:

In New York and Chicago:
We’ll see 10 people each hour in 5 minute audition slots. If we’d like to see more, we’ll schedule a callback with you at the end of your audition.  Callbacks are generally held at the end of each audition day.

In Louisville:
You’ll be scheduled in 10-15 minute time slots, during which we’ll both see your work and interview you, so there will be no formal callbacks. If you will be attending an audition during the College Days weekend, please click here for more details.

At an ACTF Conference:
You MUST be a registered participant of the conference in order to audition for us. There are a few ways to see us at an ACTF conference.

1. We will attempt to post open audition times on the conference callboard. You should either attend those open audition sessions or one of our workshops (listed in the program schedule) to schedule an official audition.

2. If your conference holds a general open audition for hiring companies, we may attend and post callbacks from that open call.

3. We usually adjudicate rounds of Irene Ryans.  If we do, we’ll post a callback sheet from those rounds.

4. It’s important to remember that even if we don’t call you back from an open call or from Irene Ryans, you can still schedule an audition via option 1.

You’ll generally be given 10-15 minute time slots, during which we’ll both see your work and interview you.

We will NOT be attending SETC/NETC in 2015.
We use the established callback rules and procedures set by these conferences.  Please note that we sometimes do not attend these conferences.

For DVD/YouTube Auditions:
All electronic auditions MUST include all of the components mentioned in the What to Prepare section. For YouTube or other internet-posted auditions, e-mail the link to your audition, along with an electronic copy of your headshot and resume, to the Recruitment Coordinator at DVD submissions, along with a copy of your headshot and resume, should be mailed to:

A/I Recruitment Coordinator
Actors Theatre of Louisville
316 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your audition submission has been received.

Electronic auditions will not be considered before January 1 and MUST be received by February 28. Please be sure to include your contact e-mail and telephone number as we will be conducting e-mail and telephone interviews with selected candidates.

The Callback/Interview

If you receive a callback from us, we’ll sometimes ask to see your audition material again and possibly give you an adjustment to the work. We may also ask to see some of the additional material mentioned in the What to Prepare section.

Then we’ll just talk to you for a little while. You should be ready to articulate why you want to be a member of the Company, what you’re passionate about (both theatre and non-theatre related), and what unique attributes and contributions you’d bring to the table. We may also ask questions about your training and your process.

The goal is not to impress us, but to give us a good sense of who you are. Because what’s just as important to us as your talent and training is your ability to work with an ensemble, to be professional, and to just be yourself. In short, we’re looking for people with whom we want to collaborate for nine months.


Within two weeks of your callback (New York, Chicago, SETC, NETC), your audition (ACTF conferences and Louisville), or the end of the submission period (DVD, YouTube), we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know our initial decision. If we feel that you are a good potential match for our program, we’ll invite you to apply for admission.

The Formal Application

If we invite you to apply, and you decide the program might be the right fit for you, you need to send us the following:

  1. An e-mail stating you’ve accepted the invitation to apply
  2. A statement of purpose
  3. Two letters of recommendation

The statement of purpose should explain why you want to join the Apprentice Company and what your goals would be while here. The letters of recommendation can be from any two people who are familiar with your personality and your work ethic (in other words, they don’t have to be from directors or theatre professors).

All application materials can be submitted electronically, but all materials must be received by March 31. If you complete the formal application process, you will be notified of our decision no later than April 30.

What to Prepare

The Audition

All potential Apprentice Company members MUST audition. There are no exceptions to this rule. To schedule an appointment for our open auditions for the 2015-2016 Acting Apprentice Company, please contact Sam Barickman at 502-584-1265, ext. 3089, or at Dates and locations for the 2015-2016 Company auditions can be found here.

Please prepare 2 contrasting contemporary (contemporary means from plays written in the last fifteen years) monologues with a total length of no more than three minutes. 

Also be sure to bring a current headshot and resume to the audition.

Actors Theater of Louisville
316 West Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202
502-371-0956 TDD
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