Scenic Art Apprentice

Apprenticeship Description

The Scenic Art apprentice will work with Actors Theatre Charge Artist and Paint Staff daily in the paint shop to sample and execute scenic treatments for all sixteen productions during the season. They will build and refine their color mixing, sampling, layout, trompe l’oeil, and faux finishing skills through work on productions and personal projects. They will also gain experience in 3D textures, staining, spray gun techniques and maintenance, and lettering. The apprentice will observe and practice paint shop management, pricing, and budgeting. They will collaborate with the scenic and prop departments to determine materials and treatments to achieve a cohesive look across all departments. Occasional opportunities to act as the Charge Artist or Scenic Designer for PTC shows toward the end of the season may be available given the apprentice’s interest and skill level.

Ideal for aspiring scenic artists and those who enjoy creating environments through textures and faux finishes. 

Alumni include scenic artists both in the freelance and regional theatre markets; scenic designers, props artisans, and carpenters in both professional and educational theatre. 

Learning Goals

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to become a competitive candidate in the scenic art industry 
  • Understand the Scenic Artists role in material choice and planning and executing schedules for the production period 
  • Learn budgeting and other paperwork skills necessary in operating a scenic art shop

Learning Strategies

  • Work alongside the Actors Theatre Paint Shop to sample and execute the paint treatments for all sixteen productions throughout the season
  • Build and refine traditional scenic art skills – color mixing, sampling, layout, trompe l’oeil, lettering, and faux finishing 
  • Explore newer scenic art techniques – 3D textures, staining, and realistic finishes 
  • Learn proper use and maintenance of Paint Shop machinery – tinter, spray booth, airless & HVLP spray guns 
  • Attend apprentice seminars focusing on resume and portfolio building, job hunting, and networking
  • Observe production meetings, budgeting process, inter-departmental conversations, and wrap up discussions
  • Complete personal projects that will focus on skills and techniques not learned on production work
  • Act as the Charge Scenic Artist on applicable productions in the PTC Season as assigned

Ideal Candidates Should Possess

  • Two years of academic or professional scenic art experience
  • A willingness to learn and experiment with new products and techniques
  • The ability to work on ladders and lifts and have the ability to lift 50lbs. 


The Scenic Art Apprenticeship hours are generally 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday with occasional evening and weekend calls required. Apprentices are able to take on part-time jobs or gig work, dependent upon the needs of the production calendar and supervisors approval. 


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Apprenticeship Dates

Late July 2019 through April 2020

to apply

Applicants for this position should submit:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. A portfolio (PDF or Website) showcasing a minimum of 10 photos of your scenic art work

If you have any questions about the application process, please email our recruitment coordinator at

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