Antony and Cleopatra

May 7 - May 31, 1992

by William Shakespeare
directed by Jon Jory

THE CAST (by entourage)

Antony, a Triumvir of Rome- Clancy Brown
Enobarbus, a general and advisor- William McNulty
Scarus, a soldier- Bob Burrus
Eros, a diplomat and soldier- V Craig Heidenreich
Diomedes, a schoolmaster- Mark Sawyer-Dailey
Antony’s Guard- Christopher Franciosa

Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt- Mercedes Ruehl
Chairmian, a councillor- Mary Beth Peil
Iras, an attendant- Leslie Beatty
Alexas, a councillor- Mark Shannon
Mardian, a eunuch- Eric Ostrow
Soothsayer- Adale O’Brien

Octavius Caesar, a Triumvir of Rome- Joesph Fuqua
Agrippa, a general and advisor- Fred Major
Maecenas, an advisor- Vaughn McBride
Thidias, a diplomat- Edward Hyland
Caesar’s guard- Christopher Marobella

Lepidus, a Triumvir of Rome- Ray Fry
Octavia, sister of Octavius and later wife of Antony- Annette Helde

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