At the Vanishing Point

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January 27 - February 15, 2015

Run Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
There will be no intermission.

by Naomi Iizuka
directed by Les Waters
with an original score by Ben Sollee

January 27 – February 15, 2015

Naomi Iizuka returns with this beautifully observed portrait of one of Louisville’s oldest neighborhoods. A mix of memory and myth, At the Vanishing Point brings together ghosts of the past and snapshots of the present, giving voice to the historic community of Butchertown. Based on extensive interviews and local research, the piece premiered under the direction of Les Waters as part of the 2004 Humana Festival. A decade later, Iizuka and Waters revisit the banks of Beargrass Creek with a re-envisioned production that incorporates music by Kentucky native Ben Sollee.

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Audience Advisory: Strong language and strobe lighting.
Age Recommendations: Ages 14+
Student Matinee Grade Levels: 10 – 12

Open Caption Performance Date: Saturday, February 7 at 4 p.m.
Audio Described Performance Date: Sunday, February 8 at 2:30 p.m.


“There is nothing to carry this story except the quality of the words themselves and the quality of the acting. And that is enough.” – Michelle Rynbrandt,, Full Review

At the Vanishing Point is, indeed, a show I could watch many times and still pick out details I hadn’t noticed before, in the multi-layered script.” – Sarah Rohleder, The Louisville Cardinal, Full Review

“Throughout the play, the emotional weight of those connections comes through in large part because of the excellent performances of the entire cast…Les Waters deserves high praise for orchestrating this production and all the talents involved.” – Elizabeth Kramer, The Courier Journal, Full Review 


“And the beauty of this production is that director Les Waters and his production team have staged a piece of theater that gently probes those mysteries — but never disturbs them.”

“All the technical details of this production are outstanding.”

“It’s a world where Waters and his cast give life to Iizuka’s richly poetic script with some truly magical acting.”

“For lovers of acting, this production amounts to something of a bravura clinic – and some extraordinary acting comes from folks on the cusp of promising careers.”

-Marty Rosen, Leo Weekly, Full Review


“Each monologue is beautifully performed—punctuated by Ben Sollee’s original compositions—and the text gives enough information that audiences feel that they know the characters, while leaving enough unknown that it is a joy when the subtle connections between the character’s lives begin to tighten.”

“Overall, the play’s sparse staging, seemingly simple monologues and gentle accompanying music only accentuate the subtlety of the human connection—which, when combined, lead to a new sense of awareness and wonder.”

-Ashlie Stevens, WFPL, Full Review


“Iizuka’s research into the history and personalities of the neighborhood have yielded characters that are true to life.”

At The Vanishing Point further demonstrates Waters’ confidence in theatre that asks the audience to bring their emotions to the ritual of telling truths masked in artifice.”

” He and Iizuka have created a piece of theatre whose success rests in its prolonged effect. It took days for this audience member to experience what his neighbors only blocks away have been going through for generations. Talk about the lasting effect of art.”

– Todd Zeigler,, Full Review



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