Long Day’s Journey into Night

Long Day’s Journey into Night

Sponsored by:
  • Brown Forman

October 9 - October 28, 2012

Run Time: 3 hours

written by Eugene O'Neill
directed by Les Waters

Part of our Brown-Forman Series

In his first production as Artistic Director, Les Waters directs this epic yet powerfully intimate, Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a family confronting a sea of regret and longing, haunted by the past. Over the course of one fateful summer day, renowned actor James Tyrone, his troubled wife Mary and their two sons wrestle with resentment so deep—and a love so fierce—that it threatens to consume them.  O’Neill’s play is both a poem of forgiveness to his own family, and one of the legendary achievements of American drama.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (in speaking order)

James Tyrone- David Chandler
Mary Cavan Tyrone- Lisa Emery
James Tyrone, Jr.- Michael Bakkensen
Edmund Tyrone- John Brummer


“a brilliant production filled with tragedies, truths and beauties.” – Brian Walker, Leo Weekly.

“the performances were electric. David Chandler as James Tyrone is both endearing and maddening…As Jamie, Michael Bakkensen shines…John Brummer was heartbreaking as Edmund…Lisa Emery as morphine-addicted mother and wife Mary was sublime. Her descent into the ghost of her memories was chilling, devastating and ultimately so eloquent and disarming that her performance alone is worth the price of the ticket.” – Brian Walker, LEO Weekly. Full Review

“Lisa Emery offers a delicate powerhouse of a performance” – Erin Keane, WFPL

“Waters’ production levies great emotional rewards” –  Erin Keane, WFPL. Full Review. 

“Waters’ production is  marked by high-caliber performances” – Elizabeth Kramer, Courier Journal

” I was overwhelmed by this notoriously difficult-to-produce production, and I remain deeply admiring of the efforts of Waters and the entire cast” – Melissa Chipman, insiderlouisville.com

“In Actors Theatre’s current production, O’Neill’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Long Day’s Journey into Night comes alive in all its devastating glory, providing insight into O’Neill’s own life and beyond.” – Cristina Martin, arts-louisville.com. Full Review

“Under Les Waters’ direction, each actor in the production truly mines the depths of his or her role…all four actors inhabit their characters masterfully”- Cristina Martin, arts-louisville.com

“Lisa Emery is a standout, fully credible and utterly heartbreaking as Mary” – Cristina Martin, arts-louisville.com.




For Accessibility information, call the Box Office at 502-584-1205 or email boxoffice@actorstheatre.org


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