Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

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  • Brown Forman

September 4 - September 26, 2012

Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

written by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Speciale

Part of our Brown-Forman Series

Two star-crossed lovers with feuding families will cross bitter divides and risk everything to be together, as a new generation strains against the limits of a world their parents have defined. Directed by Louisville native Tony Speciale, this swift, contemporary staging of Shakespeare’s masterpiece brings to life one of the most famous love stories ever written with all of the immediacy, danger and romance that have made it endure for centuries.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (in order of speaking)

Sampson- Michael Zuccola
Peter- Ian Whitt
Abram- Kim Fischer
Benvolio- Ben Diskant
Tybalt- Jordan Dean
Escalus- Matt Citron
Lady Montague- Yvette Gainer
Romeo- Grantham Coleman
Paris- Matthew Stucky
Lord Capulet- Bruce McKenzie
Lady Capulet- Amy Morse
Nurse- Myra Lucretia Taylor
Juliet- Elvy Yost
Mercutio- Nate Miller
Friar Lawrence- Brandon Averett
Balthasar- Reynaldo Piniella
Ensemble- Conor Eifler, Chalia La Tour, Ben Vigus, Kimberly Weinkle, Sarah Grace Welbourn


What the critics are saying about Romeo and Juliet

“a perfectly realized, inspiring production.” – Marty Rosen, LEO

“Speciale’s entire production crew has done a magnificent job of situating the production in an affluent California suburb, where teens splash in a swimming pool, play video games, and revel in a culture where the social order is fraying under a smirking disregard for tradition and respect.” – Marty Rosen, LEO

“…even if this production were played on a bare stage, the performances Speciale has elicited from his players would define this as a masterful production.” – Marty Rosen, LEO Full Review.

“The new season at Actors Theatre of Louisville is off to a rousing start with an energized and stylish contemporary production of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The season opener is both a homecoming for the director, Louisville native Tony Speciale, and a bright sign of things to come for the theater with new artistic director Les Waters at the helm.” Erin Keane, WFPL

“Tony Speciale’s take on Romeo and Juliet is fresh, timely, and it moves like a thriller” – Rachel White, Full Review

“There’s so much that is lovely in this production.” – Melissa Chipman,

“With a thoroughly modern (and well-executed) design concept, along with a strong cast that clearly did its homework in developing and understanding the text, Louisville native director Tony Speciale and Actors Theatre have succeeded in keeping The Bard alive nearly 400 years after his actual death.”- Michelle Rynbrandt,

“welcome back, Tony Speciale. And please, come again.” – Michelle Rynbrandt, Full Review

“Speciale’s production is surely high on style, but it also rests firmly on the substance in Shakespeare’s popular work where the Capulet family looms large in society. While the style, which includes some blaring house music as the story begins to unfold, at first threatens to overwhelm, the solid acting and the focus on the rivalries, the affections between good friends and ultimately the tender desires of two lovers address the heart of human emotions that have led to actions creating such intense joy and sorrow.” – Elizabeth Kramer, Courier Journal

“I haven’t been this turned on by a production in a long time.” – Brian Walker,

“I loved at least 83 things about the production…There’s an in-ground pool onstage!  It’s used brilliantly throughout the first act to give brand new spins and interpretations to scenes I’ve seen done the same old way tons of times…Tony Speciale’s vision and interpretation of this work is so evocative and original…I pretty much fell in love with Mercutio, played by Nate Miller…The balcony scene is exquisite….The entire cast is great…It was just a really, really wonderful night of theatre and I loved it.” – Brian Walker,


Nfocus Magazine captured some of the excitment surrounding Opening Night. For photos click here




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