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True West

True West

Sponsored by:
  • Brown Forman

November 13 - December 9, 2012

Run Time: 1 hours and 40 minutes. There will be no intermission.

written by Sam Shepard
directed by Adam Rapp

Part of our Brown-Forman Series

Well-educated Austin and thieving con man Lee, estranged brothers from different worlds, reunite in their mom’s California kitchen, where Austin is working out a screenplay deal.  But when Lee comes up with his own big idea and steals much more than just the neighbors’ TV, challenges are issued, many drinks are downed, and the siblings find that they might not be such opposites after all.  This dynamic, darkly funny play by iconic actor-writer Sam Shepard is a tale of brotherly love and competition, Hollywood producers and stolen toasters.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (In speaking order)

Lee- William Apps
Austin- Nate Miller
Saul Kimmer- Connor Barrett
Mom- Emily McDonnell


What the Critics are saying about True West:

“True West is dynamic. Explosive. Deep. Dark. Funny.” – Louisville.com Full Review.

“Lee (William Apps) is as quirky as he is volatile. Apps has found both the darkly comedic and controlling power of his character. His unpredictable nature is intriguing. Nate Miller (Austin) was last seen onstage as Mercutio in Actor’s production of Romeo and Juliet earlier this year. His talent for creating multi-faceted characters once again shines through. Miller swings the pendulum from guarded and measured to unstable and predatory.Connor Barrett and Emily McDonnell round out the stellar cast of this stellar show.” – Louisville.com

“a viciously funny and tragic portrayal of two brothers testing the boundaries of love, resentment and civilization.” – Erin Keane, WFPL. Full Review.

“Shepard is one of American theater’s most intense and emotionally ferocious playwrights, and as a playwright and director, Rapp is unflinchingly brave and unlikely to pull punches. This production follows through on that promise—the actors start out tense and go full-tilt to feral, and the result is utterly engrossing, raw and ultimately sympathetic.” – Erin Keane, WFPL

“It made me think, it made me laugh (a lot).” – Emily Pike, arts-louisville.com. Full Review

“Actors’ current production of “True West” does a great job capturing the caged-animal energy for which the script is known.” Brian Walker, LEO Full Review.

“The play takes place in a main room of the mother’s home in a suburban neighborhood, and in Rapp’s staging, it is enclosed in plexiglass, encasing the actors and the action with brilliant results.” Brian Walker, LEO



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