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by on December 14, 2012

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Each week we’ll go behind the scenes to learn more about the Actors Theatre Interns, twenty emerging professionals honing their skills during intensive season-long residencies. This week Hannah Barnes and Jacob Halpern Weitzman tell us about their “crazy and fun ride” as stage management interns. Find out what they do, who they are, and why they make theatre.


Jacob Halpern Weitzman and Hannah Barnes

Introducing: Hannah Barnes and Jacob Halpern Weitzman: Stage Management


HB: Katy, Texas and JHW: New York, New York

What are you working on now?

HB: I just started rehearsal for the A/I Tens (An evening of ten-minute plays featuring the Apprentice Company and design/support work of the Intern Company).

JHW: The Whipping Man! My duties include cleaning the room, making coffee, staying on book, and helping shift scenery and track props. I’m also working on independent projects with Ethan Dubin (Acting Apprentice) and Rachel Karp (Directing Intern).

How did you get here?

HB: After graduating University of Oklahoma in 2010, I worked at Cirque du Soleil as an assistant stage manager. Then I worked as backstage manager on Carnival Cruise Lines. I missed working on shows from the ground up at a regional theatre so I applied to come here.

JHW:Plane! No, seriously. I was kind of lost when it came to what I would do after college. I was lucky enough to attend the last two Humana Festivals during College Days. When I arrived, my teacher asked me point blank, “are you going to interview for the stage management internship?” So of course the next day I did.

What is something you love about Actors Theatre?

HB:  The people I am surrounded by! They are very helpful and love to teach.

JHW: The Stage Management Team! Pablo, Kim, Kathy, Steve, Potter and Katie.

Your Actors Theatre is:

HB: Fulfillment and JHW: Collaboration

If you could change one thing about theatre, what would it be?

HB: To have full houses of young adults.

JHW:  I would love to see a change in how theatre spaces are used in order to fully immerse the audience into the play.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out?

HB: Be prepared for a crazy and fun ride that theatre has to offer.

JHW: Get experience in all areas of production. Even if you want to act, doing backstage work and working on design elements is only going to make you a stronger actor.

Coming Up! Check back next week to learn about this year’s directing interns, Kate Eminger and Rachel Karp!


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