A Day in the Life of… Tia Kelley

by on October 14, 2015

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The “A Day in the Life of…” series highlights members of the 2015-2016 Apprentice/Intern Company. This week, we follow Tia Kelley, Communications Intern, as she prepares for the opening night of “Luna Gale”.

Headshot of me

Hello! My name is Tia and I am the Communications Intern for Actors Theatre’s 2015-2016 Season. I would like to give you a unique insight in to what I do as the Communications Intern. I’m excited to share pictures and video with you that highlight fun and interesting moments throughout a typical opening day and evening for one of Actors Theatre’s mainstage productions.

Me at the Desk

With the help of my trusty selfie stick, I can share a nice view of my work space with you. The Marketing Department is housed on the 3rd Floor of Actors Theatre’s administrative offices. Also, is it truly a work space without some colorful post-its?

Steve, Sonia and I

The Marketing Department is a fun and engaging team to work with.  We get to share how awesome Actors Theatre is and how wonderful our shows are both nationally and with the local Louisville community! Opening night is an exciting day for us—can you tell from our expressions?

My Computer

 Organization prevents a chaotic life.

— Tia

When you are in an internship it is extremely important to have some form of organizational structure set up for yourself, otherwise things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I like to keep myself organized by managing my tasks in my outlook calendar on my computer, so I can see what’s happening in my week ahead. Staying on top of tasks in this fast-paced environment is crucial for a Communications Intern!

Kirsty and I, going through photos

Kirsty Gaukel, Associate Director of Communications, and I are looking through the production photos for Luna Gale to share with local media outlets and to post on the theatre’s website and social media platforms. We want to give the cast, crew and creative team a big congratulatory shout out for opening night on social media so we share production photos and encourage our followers to wish them well by liking, sharing or commenting on the post!

Kirsty and Kim pulling tickets

As the day progresses and we get closer to curtain call Kirsty and I prep and pull tickets for our media guests and reviewers who are attending the opening performance. As the communication leaders for Actors Theatre, we want to make sure that everyone has a great seat for the play.

Me at Box Office

As the Communications Intern, I also have the fun responsibility of collaborating with the Box Office to give out tickets to Actors Theatre staff members, as well as fellow interns and apprentices.

Dinner with MKT department

Being a member of the Marketing Department is like being part of a family.  We like to celebrate as a team on opening nights, by going out to dinner before the performance. Look at these lovely ladies!

Luna Gale Stage

It’s almost show time! You get such a great feeling of pride and accomplishment on opening nights when you get to finally see everyone’s hard work come together on stage.

Bill and I

I had the pleasure of working with Bill Brymer, one of Actors Theatre’s favorite photographers during the post-show reception for Luna Gale. I was able to discuss the different types of photos the Marketing Department wanted to capture, to make sure we did a successful job documenting the evening’s events.

Sonia, Cristine and I

I also have the wonderful pleasure of working and growing with these two talented and intelligent ladies throughout the Season; Sonia, the Marketing Intern, and Cristine, the Festival Intern. They are part of the Marketing family, just like me!


My journey through Luna Gale opening was just a small snippet of all the fascinating things I get to do as the Communications Intern. Luna Gale is an amazing production and everyone I had the chance to work with is brilliant. Thank you for living a “Day in the Life” with me!

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