A Day in the Life of… Lisa Bol

by on November 19, 2015

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The “A Day in the Life of…” series highlights members of the 2015-2016 Apprentice/Intern Company. This week, we follow Lisa Bol, Acting Apprentice, as she begins rehearsals for ‘A Christmas Carol’, after completing her Fall series of projects for the Apprentice/Intern Company.

A Day in the Life of… Lisa Bol

Hi There!

My name is Lisa Bol and I am a member of the Acting Apprentice company this season at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Prior to this apprenticeship, I spent three years in Athens, Ohio, earning my M.F.A. in acting at Ohio University. Being here has been such a tremendous opportunity to apply the training I have received and work with new and incredibly talented people. It is a little hard for me to believe that in the four short months I have been here, I have already:

  • Performed a Checkov scene for a directing workshop
  • Played the role of Sister in Steve Mould’s The Wedding Guest as part of the second AI Ensemble project
  • Played a Sushi model for my self written Solo Mio
  • Played Margaret Sullivan in 67 performances of Dracula
  • AND almost finished rehearsing A Christmas Carol

Many would consider that a successful year, and yet we are only a third of the way through the program!

I would love to share what my November 18th looked like with you!

showcase readingAs I mentioned earlier, I am have completed all three of the performance aspects of the fall schedule for the Apprentice Company; the Directing Workshop, Ensemble Project and Solo Mio. My schedule is a little lighter than some of my colleagues.
My day began at 9 a.m. with a showcase read meeting with my fellow apprentices, lead by Michael Legg. As many of you may be aware, in April the Apprentices present a showcase of scenes to Industry Professionals; Casting Agents, Directors, Playwrights and the like. For this to happen, we first must find scenes from contemporary full length plays for each other. Pictured are Tracey Green and Austin Blunk, fellow Apprentices who are reading a scene that I brought in from Mark Chrisler’s Worse Than Tigers. We will typically read anywhere from 12 to 20 scenes each meeting and will decide which scene showcases each actor equally and to their best strengths.

After the meeting, I had a rainy walk home where I did domestic things like putting away my rainy walk homelaundry, prepping lunches for the rest of the week and then found time for a brief nap. To the Apprentice Company, naps are similar to unicorns; they are rare, delicate creatures that must be honored when found, and that is exactly what I did with the rest of that break.

Upon waking, I packed up my bag and headed back to the Speer Arts & Commerce Building where I had first rehearsal blurbrehearsal for Fifth Third Bank’s A Christmas Carol. In this production, I am playing the roles of Mother Urchin (I get to have TWO adorable urchin children!), The Maid, and Sophia – as well as understudying the roles of Mrs. Fezziwig and Mrs. Dilber. This rehearsal began with cleaning up specific scenes, then we would have our ‘lunch’ break, and finally in the evening we were going to do a full run of the show for designers as we go into the technical rehearsal process on Friday, CrochetingNovember 20th.

One of my favorite pastimes during rehearsal when I am not on stage is crocheting. With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to begin working on a hat for my father for Christmas.

Over our lunch break, I enjoyed a salad, ran to the bank, and picked up tickets to see the evening preview of H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan, created by the Chicago H.M.S TIX-based group The Hypocrites. The run of the show went well and I made more progress on the hat!
After rehearsal was completed, I met my husband (Chris) in the lobby and we went in to see H.M.S. Pinafore. There were fellow apprentices (Walls Trimble and Park Williams) in the promenade seating with us – which I highly recommend for thoseat show who have not yet reserved their tickets to this DELIGHTFUL show! It was an exciting night at the theatre.

After the show concluded, we headed home. Another rarity for this program – I was home, on my couch before 10 p.m., watching a movie with the hubby while continuing to crochet the hat. The scheduling tides are about to turn as of Thursday the 19th, when we move into the theatre for A Christmas Carol, and knowing that made our early night in all that more precious.

I am so thrilled to be going on this journey and I hope you’ve enjoyed coming with me on this one day of it!

— Lisa Bol

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