An Interview with Professional Training Company Acting Apprentice Abby Huffstetler

by on January 20, 2017

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Acting Apprentice Abby Huffstetler tells us about her journey to the Professional Training Company and lessons that she has learned during her time in Louisville.

An Interview with Professional Training Company Acting Apprentice Abby Huffstetler


Q: Tell us a little bit about your path to the Professional Training Company. How did you discover the program? What were you up to prior to joining the PTC?

My journey to the Professional Training Company began after I completed my BFA in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design back in 2013. I landed a manager from my university’s acting showcase and moved immediately to New York. I hit the ground running with the audition grind and kept finding myself left with the little feeling that something was missing. I reached out to one of my former professors, Sharon Ott, and she told me about this cool place in Louisville, KY that focused on producing new work. She knew me as the type of artist who likes to wear many hats and feels most at home when being creatively challenged, so she encouraged me to research the program and see if anything jumped out at me. So, I did. I spent hours combing through the Actors Theatre website, reading about all of the amazing artists that are brought in, all of the devised work that’s done here, all of the opportunities to write, to create, to observe, to learn and to grow. It brought me a lot of excitement; especially when it was juxtaposed with my drafty apartment and empty inbox. So, I signed up and crossed my fingers. Then, as it is known to do sometimes, life happened. I had to back out of my contract for personal reasons and accept a different journey. I worked a 9-5 as a studio photographer, got a serving gig at a pizza place, I made some costumes and directed a show for my high school’s drama department and after a while I started to audition for community theatre and got myself on stage again. I gained some life experience and decided to audition again. I worked even harder and was offered a spot in the PTC. I couldn’t be more thankful for my time here.

Q: You came to us from the Atlanta area. What was it like making the move from Georgia to Louisville?

The move from Georgia to Louisville was super easy. I lucked out by in finding a place that was furnished, so I just had a car load of odds and ends to move. The travel time was only about six and a half hours, and it’s a pretty drive, so that wasn’t too bad. The cultural transition from Georgia to the city of Louisville is a piece of cake. And there is amazing southern food everywhere!

Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned so far during your time with the Professional Training Company?

One thing that continues to prove itself true throughout this experience is that you have to believe in yourself and believe in your ensemble. I could also say that being your own motivator is the most important thing as an artist, or that prioritization is the secret to maintaining your sanity or that writing and creating with one another will fuel your soul or reveling in your free time will save you – all of these things are true, yes, but they all fall to the wayside if you don’t trust yourself or trust the room you are in. Believe in your worth. You’ll need it when days are long and inspiration is short.



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