Your Actors Theatre Guide to Picking Your 2017 Lobster Feast Costume

by on January 30, 2017

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Grab your boogie boards and sunscreen! With less than a week until Lobster Feast 2017: The Beach Ball, it’s time to start putting together a costume. Here’s a couple of our favorite ideas for how you can make a splash at the beach party of the season.

Your Actors Theatre Guide to Picking Your 2017 Lobster Feast Costume


Beach Bum

Toss on a Hawaiian shirt and some cargo shorts, put on a pair of puka shells (and maybe some sunscreen for good measure) and there you have it: The World’s Most Comfortable Costume.

Scuba Diver

Time to dust off the old snorkeling gear from your last cruise! Come as a scuba diver and be prepared to spend an entire evening under the sea.

1960s Beach Film Stars

“The Beach Ball” is the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the beach party films of the 1960s. Grab a ukulele, surf board, and the biggest pair of white sunglasses you own and spend the night boogieing on the beach.


Santa Claus isn’t the only person who can rock an all-red get up. Just don’t blow your whistle during the silent auction. (Unless you want to place a bid, that is!)

The Beach Boys

Do you and your four best friends just happen to have matching button downs lying around? Throw in a couple of guitars and you’ll be singing, “Wouldn’t it be nice if every day was Lobster Feast?”

BONUS: A Lobster

Come as the main course itself. Just make sure no one tries to take a bite out of you!

Need more more island inspiration?

Check out our Lobster Feast Pinterest for even more ideas about how you can make waves with your costume.

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