Solo Mios: A Marriage of Creativity

by on September 25, 2018

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The Professional Training Company’s Solo Mios allow young artists to create their own work while learning to work collaboratively. This process presents a unique challenge for them.

Solo Mios: A Marriage of Creativity

The Professional Training Company’s Solo Mio series offers an opportunity for the acting apprentices to create their own performances from scratch. Though “solo mio” translates from Italian to “only mine,” the performances in this series aren’t solely developed by one person. Instead, they are built through the creative partnership between many artists.

During their first weeks at Actors Theatre, the acting apprentices write the initial drafts of their solo pieces. As they work, they are paired with a director and a dramaturg. These three form a cohesive, artistic unit. The actor generates the ideas, the dramaturg refines them and the director brings them to life. This close partnership makes it a unique process for all involved.

“Solo Mios truly embrace theatre as a collaborative art form and serve as a huge lesson for young, emerging theatre artists,” says Shareef Elkady, director of two of the pieces in the first round of Solo Mios. Actor Reagan Stovenour adds, “Everyone can share their knowledge on developing new work in a hands-on way.” This challenges all of the artists to approach the process differently than they normally would.


It’s one thing to interpret someone else’s words and stories, but getting a chance to hear myself is inspiring.

– Rasell Holt

This isn’t always easy, and the actors, directors and dramaturgs have to discover the best way to collaborate. Actor Rasell Holt insists that the Solo Mios are “a reminder not to make anything too precious. As actors are creators of these pieces, they can be our babies, but it’s nice to hear how other voices can help shape them.”

Learning to work together is a vital part of the creative growth of these young artists. Susan Yassky, one of the dramaturgs for the series, offers her take: “You have to be willing to invite someone else to step into your shoes without being threatened by someone else inhabiting your role for a few minutes. It’s also just an incredible bonding experience for us as apprentices to work so closely together and to get to know each others’ intellects and creative processes so intimately.”

“I think this series is such an amazing opportunity for the actors to really take agency in their artistry,” says dramaturg Alonna Ray. “By giving them the opportunity to generate their own work, they are able to reach deep into their wells of creativity and produce something that they otherwise may not have had the chance to produce.”

This fall, the Professional Training Company performs three rounds of Solo Mios, beginning September 26. Tickets are free but require a reservation. Learn more about the Solo Mio Round One and reserve your free ticket.

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