PTC: Inspired by Music

by on October 30, 2018

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Actors from the Professional Training Company share the songs that impacted their Solo Mio performance.

PTC: Inspired by Music

Music plays a huge part in theatre. Whether it’s a full musical number, a song playing over a scene change or a jam to hype up the cast during warm ups, music is nearly always present. We asked the actors of the third round of the Professional Training Company’s Solo Mio series to share the music that inspired them as they created their piece. Check out the full playlist on Spotify.

Silvia Daly Bond

“This song just gets me pumped for rehearsal, and angry at all of the labels and facades we buy into…We’ve had a great time talking about how social media lets us run away from what really scares us.”

Josh Fulton

“‘Plastic’ by Moses Sumney…represents my piece perfectly because it’s all about feeling alone and unseen and how one doesn’t feel as though they’re enough. However, the vibe of it is so peaceful and calming, and in my opinion, hopeful.”

Russell Sperberg

“My dad’s family is from West Texas, so this whole album holds an oddly personal place in my heart. The last verse always gets me. It’s important to hail Satan every once in a while.”

Angelica Santiago

“When this song first came out I was completely amazing that an artist actually had written a song that speaks on the struggle people today go through when it comes to accepting themselves and the truly dark places people go when they can’t. I feel that especially today with social media and television this world is now so focused on being the most beautiful, looking one certain way and maintaining the perfect image which unfortunately leads people to the exact opposite. This song for me brings light to a dark, lonely place that will spark change!”

Ashley N. Hildreth

“My piece for Solo Mio celebrates what it means to be a black woman and why BLACKGIRLMAGIC is so important. I feel like these songs embody this sentiment.”

David Ball

“Jack Kerouac said it best: ‘The only truth is music.’ [My] playlist was playing every time I sat down to write! I love all these tracks and I hope you do to! If your day is stuffed or your life is stressed or you’ just need a lil pick me up… take a simple breath in… then out…and push play.”

The Professional Training Company performs its final round of Solo Mios beginning November 2. Tickets are free but require a reservation. Learn more about the Solo Mio Round Three and reserve your free ticket.

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