Tips on Auditioning

  • First and foremost, we want you to succeed. Nothing gets us more excited than discovering a talented young artist that would fit in with the Company and its philosophy. Plus we’re nice & friendly – really.
  • New and contemporary works comprise the bulk of what we produce here at Actors and your audition monologues should reflect that. For your main audition package, we prefer that you audition with material written in the past 15 years. It should also be close to your own age and experience.
  • Choose material that you feel a connection to – tell us something about who you are with your choice of material. Let it showcase who you are – socially, politically, humanistically. Perform something that you love, rather than trying to figure out what you think we’ll like.
  • ‘Two contrasting pieces’ doesn’t mean one that’s funny and one that’s serious. Show us two pieces that contrast in rhythm and tone. Or show us that you can do both grounded work and work that’s a little more presentational. Be sure you can answer the question – ‘what are the differences between these two people that I’m portraying?’
  • A note on dress – wear what makes you feel physically confident. Think casual professional or what you’d wear on a first date.
  • Most of all, just be yourself.

We are now accepting requests to audition for the ’17-’18 Company.

If you have any questions about applying, please contact the PTC Recruitment Coordinator at

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