Act a Lady

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March 7 - April 1, 2006

by Jordan Harrison

When the men of a small Prohibition-era town decide to put on a play dressed in “fancy-type, women-type clothes,” the whole community is affected: gender lines blur, eyebrows raise, identities explode, and life and art are forever entangled. A thoughtful, exuberant Midwestern fable about the woman in every man, the man in every woman and the power of theatre to uncover both. Accompanied by accordion.



Miles, Lady Romola- Paul O’Brien
True, The Countess Roquefort- Matt Seidman
Casper, Greta the Maid- Steven Boyer
Dorothy- Suzanna Hay
Lorna- Cheryl Lynn Bowers
Zina- Sandra Shipley


Lady Romola- Paul O’Brien
The Countess Roquefort- Matt Seidman
Greta the Maid- Steven Boyer
Dorothy, Miles- Suzanna Hay
Lorna, True- Cheryl Lynn Bowers
Zina, Casper- Sandra Shipley

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